Saturday, August 16, 2008

Foucault across the disciplines

Another bookmarker.

Audio files from recent conference on Foucault held at University of California.

Unfortunately the link to the files doesn't work but might be repaired soon.

From conference blurb:

'Foucault Across the Disciplines' was a national conference providing a forum for assessing and reassessing the tremendous impact of Michel Foucault’s thought across the disciplines over the past half century. This conference will convene an interdisciplinary group of scholars of world and national renown to explore the many ways in which Foucault’s work is being deployed across the disciplines. These cross-disciplinary deployments assume at least two forms: they are challenges to the disciplines that define our academic research formations, and they are critiques of specific disciplinary apparatuses. We hope to establish lines of engagement that will extend innovative research paths beyond the current limits of inquiry.

Files include:

Mark Poster, “Foucault, Deleuze, and New Media"
Paul Rabinow, “Untimely & Inconsiderate Observations: Toward an Anthropology of Concepts, Practices and Venues"
James Ferguson, “Toward a Left Art of Government: From ‘Foucauldian Critique’ to Foucauldian Politics"
Hayden White, “Foucault Historian?”
Martin Jay, “Visual Parrhesia? Foucault and the Truth of the Gaze"
Ian Hacking, “Déraison”

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