Monday, January 12, 2009

Australian literary libertarianism and Neoliberalism

There are some old posts analysing Frank Moorhouse's literary fiction and its relationship to Libertarianism and the rise of Neoliberalism at my new blog: bildungs & food.

There is some imbrication of Foucault's analysis of neoliberalism from his The Birth of Biopolitics lectures in these renovated posts. My approach to Neoliberal governmentality is through an historical sociology of literary form which is informed by Australian specifics in literary, social and political history.

For a highly schematic summary of Birth of Biopolitics icite is laying the lectures out in a generous, clear and useful manner. Thomas Lemke's work on the lectures is also useful, while Mitchell Dean's recent book Governing Societies comes at biopolitics and, indeed, governmentality from a sceptical orientation. Also see Pinocchio Theory in this recent post on Biopolitics.

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