Sunday, August 5, 2012

For new structures of rhythmic feeling

Instead of the vision of the everyday organised by capitalism that we find in Lefebvre and de Certeau, among others, I am interested in the overwhelming ordinary that is disorganised by it, and by many other forces besides. This is a matter of a different emphasis, not of a theoretical negation: the rhythms of ordinary existence in the present--Lefebvres's dressage as a model for subjectivity in general--scramble the distinction between forced adaptation, pleasurable variation, and threatening dissolution of of life-confirming norms. This ordinary is an intersecting space where many forces and histories circulate and become "ready to hand" in the ordinary, as Stanley Cavell would put it, for inventing new rhythms for living, rhythms that could, at any time, congeal into new norms, forms, and institutions.

Lauren Berlant Cruel Optimism Location 128/4461

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