Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Upright citizens and other grace notes

Local news was good today. The little community hall currently houses a decrepit upright piano. The top layer of 'ivory' is missing from most of the white keys, there are large chunks in the veneer, and it sounds like strings are missing and out of tune. Some old pianos can simulate a tack-piano or bar room sound (a sound that Tom Waits can sometimes deploy: 'It's not me it's the piano that's drunk'). Well, this ol' pianner is due to move on - maybe finding itself in a local home.

The good new is that the Auxiliary group in the Hostel have raised the funds to buy a new (brand new, perhaps) upright and so are looking for a home for their existing piano. Apparently the old one can't be tuned to concert pitch, but can still be tuned to itself. The old piano - the good old one - was donated by Lions Club and we have sent off a letter asking them if we could have it donated to the Hall.

I wonder how a Jimmy Webb tune like 'Witchita Lineman' will sound in the Hall.